Where to go on a Rwanda Holiday

Where to go on a Rwanda Holiday

Rwanda gorillas safaris – Safari in Rwanda

Volcanoes National park situated on the northwestern side and is the famous one among the three of Rwanda’s parks. It is the destination that many people come to while on holiday since it has mountain gorillas that are popular residents. Rwanda’s gorilla trekking is its major attraction. Other lesser but all the more sounding holiday options include the Akagera National park located on the border in the east and the Nyungwe Forest National park found at the southern side.

Akagera National Park

Akagera is also the park used only for traditional safaris in Rwanda and it puts forward great wildlife opportunities, though not to the level of the parks in Tanzania or even Kenya. Akagera’s view is stunning and it could be portrayed as the Lake District of Rwanda and it is worth paying a visit for that alone. Nyungwe Forest is also a thick rain forest with bird watching, primate spotting not forgetting the exciting hiking trails. Rwanda’s national parks are very easy to access by road thus a circuit of all three inclusive of the Capital and the attractive shore of Lake Kivu that can make a very diverse and intriguing holiday.

Rwanda gorillas safaris – Best of Rwanda

Rwanda may be an apparent alternative for a safari holiday however if you are traveling here anyway, the Akagera National park located on the eastern side of the country is a worthy adventure. Scenically it’s one of Africa’s cutest parks, with the deep valleys and rolling hills, savannah plains in the north and lakes as well as papyrus marshlands on the eastern border. It also includes the biggest secluded wetlands in Central Africa and is home to over 8000 animals and 480 bird species inclusive of the shoebill stork thus making Akagera an interesting destination for a bird watching holiday.

When to go for a safari to Rwanda:

Holidays in Rwanda are achievable all through the whole year, but the popular time to travel is in the long dry period of June till September and the shorter dry period of around December all through to February. In case you are to go tracking the gorillas, you will have to prepare your holiday in advance so as to secure the permits particularly around July all through to September. The rainy season in Rwanda is also from March till May with the little rain in October and also November. If you would love to find out more, look at the weather and the climate information of Rwanda.