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About Kenya

About Kenya

Finding Kenya, Kenya is the most important and beautiful country because it has a well-defined language and the best definition of tribes and culture. The country has two major languages that are officially spoken, Swahili and English.

With these there are also major tribes in Kenya these are;

The Kikuyu are primarily based on in the central highlands of Kenya

The Kamba, these are from the East of Nairobi

The Luo are from the Nyanza region around Kisumu

The Maasai and Samburu people are tourist attractions in Kenya

The Luhya from the western Kenya

The Kalenjin, based from the rift valley

After all the other tribes in Kenya there are also many others which are not mentioned and one of them is Asian,

Asian, are very many in the population within Kenya and they are also specific in their language they speak languages like Spanish, Punjabi, and Gujarati.

About Kenya in Weather focus

Kenya has complicated and unpredictable weather patterns and the impact of climate,

Planning for a safari in Kenya nowadays one has to be very keen, otherwise you fall in the trap of climate change. The hot season is January to march and the wet season is from April to June (long rain) warm and the dry season is from July to October there is also wet and warm for a few weeks in November and early December other words it’s called short rain.

The season for Visting Kenya

There is a specific month to visit the region of Kenya

There is the season for rain which is from December to January and July to August, during the dry season travelers do have chances to have greater visibility of wildlife as the animals concentrate the diminishing of the watercourse.

The month of July and August are the best for game viewing because these coincide annual wildebeest migrating from Maasai Mara.

The month of October, November, and March are the clearest seas for Snorkeling and diving, but the rainy season shouldn’t deter travel unduly because the rain normally in the afternoon and evening their cloudbursts and the landscape is strikingly green and fresh even if the skies may be cloudy, hence this helps many tourists have chances to be given bonuses and even having reduced accommodation price.

How can one plan a trip to Kenya?

The northern frontier; from the capital of the highs and the lows of the highlands, allows two to four weeks for some or all of this loop,

Areas or parts to visit in Kenya

Nairobi’s wildlife, parks, and forests bring balance to East Africa‘s biggest city in terms of the crafts, workshops, and museums that are cutting-edge. Mount Kenya National Park is the second-highest peak on one of four different routes, but it takes time to enjoy the wildlife.

Laikipia is the most challenging of Maasai Mara as Kenya’s best wildlife destination in Africa because Laikipia offers rare rhinos and opulent conservancy, as well as wild dog trekking and budget camping.

Western lakes, savannah, and forest

This strikes out across the Gret rift valley to freshwater and soda lakes, then the climb to the Mara basin’ rolling grasslands and one of the last rain forests in Kenya and   Victoria.

Lake Naivasha, by heading into the rift valley for a breezy escape from Nairobi.

Maasai Mara, this is only in the Mara can you experience a wildlife panorama stretching from horizon to horizon.

Lake Victoria, spend a day or two in characterful Kisumu and catch musician and markets the head of the island s to see rock paintings and watch fishermen.

Lake Baringo, on the other side the changing lake Colours crocs and hippos and Njemps fishermen of the lake on the other the green lawns, backpacker haunts, and safari camps of the shores and islands.

Planning your tours in Kenya

Mount Kenya national park

This is Africa’s second-highest mountain with two jagged peaks, this mountain was formed by the remains of a gigantic volcanic plug and it rose more than 7000m above sea level until a million years ago. The peak is permanently iced with snow and glaciers, the latter in retreat due to climate change, and on the upper slopes, altitude and equatorial location combine to nurture forms of vegetation.

There is activity such as climbing Mount Kenya,

There are four main ways or routes to climb up the top of the mountain: from the west, the Naro Moru trail provides the shortest and steepest way to reach the top; there is also the Burguret; and the Sirimon trails from the northwest are less well-trodden; Sirimon has a reputation for lots of wildlife; while Burguret passes through a long stretch of dense forest; there is also the Chogoria, which is a beautiful much longer ascent up the eastern flank of tents.

Accommodation at Mount Kenya National Park

  • Mount Kenya safari club
  • Mount Kenya royal cottages
  • Meru Mount Kenya lodge
  • Sirimon Bandas

Animals species found at Mount Kenya National park

Since the mountain’s vegetation is zoned by altitude, there are many types of animals in the park such as the;

Elephants, Buffaloes, Rodents, Duiker antelope

Animals from the park gate to the Meteorological station

Lions, Black panthers, Vertical dog.

Access to the Mount Kenya National Park

By bus, here you board from Nairobi direct to any of the towns in the section.

By car, this takes approximately an hour drive to reach Mount Kenya national park through Nanyuki because it narrows from the road and it remains good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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