Entebbe International Airport Open

Entebbe International Airport Open

Entebbe Airport is located in the Central Region of Uganda, southwest of Kampala the capital and the largest city of Uganda. The Airport is near Entebbe town and close to the lake shores of Lake Victoria. It’s the only International Airport in Uganda. Entebbe is the main entrance for all tourists from Europe, the United States of America, the Middle East, China, and all over the world. Entry is open to all international tourists who come for leisure, business, scholar, research, organizational, health, and other purposes. Civil Aviation Authority welcomes visitors who come to the Airport.

Better be late than Never – Entebbe International Airport

Mostly international tourists who come to Uganda without Visas and some have ordered for Visas and have experienced a delay or a failure in the process and their time of travel has reached, please it’s no problem, they can always come and pay for their Visas at the Entebbe Airport. This is one of the most exclusive relief services that thrills most people when they come and they scream Wow! I wish I knew!

Though we have some people who may wish to return to Uganda in the same year like those doing business and other things that may require multiple trips of to and from. Such people can always make a Visa that can last at least a year or more. This can save one from a number of times one is disappointed when making Visa orders online.

Meeting of Visitors is located just outside the arrival hall on the ground floor. Facilities including customer care desks, restaurants, mobile money and airtime, Forex bureau, wireless internet, and very many others are in close proximity and at the service of the waiting or arriving parties.

Baby changing facilities are available in the washrooms along the departure transit concourse and welcome lounge “Karibuni lounge”. Lifts, ramps, wheelchairs, covered walkways and special walkways are available for visitors with special needs. Passenger handling staff assist the elderly and the disabled. They also attend to special needs passengers.

Entebbe International Airport is well secured and has basic security services. Security cameras, agencies and well trained personnel are always available. Because of the airport location, it’s close to the United Nations base and the State House of Uganda.

Entebbe International Airport has a very wide parking area for cars such as those that provide transport services to the visitors or arrivals. It’s important that visitors keep in touch with their transport service providers and tour guides in order to save time. Therefore, book online and make arrangements and schedules for your journey within Uganda before you actually come.

After feeling a new breeze at the Airport, then visitors begin to experience the new difference in climate and weather. Entebbe has beautiful tour destinations, recreational, and amusement places in accordance with the regions in the country, like the snake park, National Fisheries, Landing sites, beaches, forests, Metrological Center, hotels, shopping malls, and very fastest exit route, “the Entebbe Express Highway”.

This way opens and leads visitors to the interior of Uganda. Come and experience the true reality in Uganda.