Hotels in Mityana

Hotels in Mityana

Hotels in Mityana

Hotels in Mityana – Mityana is a town along the Kampala Fort Portal Highway. It’s a good business town with good services that are supportive to all residents, visitors, and people from the neighborhood. Hotels in Mityana is not only a growing town but also a district as well. It’s one of the model districts that are known to have underground raw materials especially gold. Among the existing attractive features are, lake Wamala, Tea Estates, Catholic Shrine Cathedral, the only Carmelite monastery in Uganda, a number of small scale and growing industries, and so many others.

The town is considered to have very many schools within and around at different levels, like the kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school, tertiary institutions and others. There’s no University.

Within the town, are commercial banks that provide both international and national services. Good hotels, restaurants, lodges, and guest houses.

Hotels in Mityana

Today we bring you two of them, a guest house and a hotel. Luxury Guest House is just close to the Kampala Mubende highway, after the J-T filling station before Mityana town. There’s a good lounge for visitors in the interior and for those that prefer outside, there’s a good compound where tables, umbrellas, and chairs can be placed. It has a minibar that serves all soft drinks, wines, whisks, and drinking water.

Wamala Lake View Hotel, Mityana

There are self-contained bedrooms, with clean and attractive beds, wardrobe, bathroom, toilet and water heater. The rates are very affordable. In such a place, one can spend a night after a long and tiresome journey. They offer the warmest hospitality to all customers. Small scale parties, proposals, office meetings, dinners, get together parties can be held within this place. The restaurant is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all dishes and local meals after special order. They serve a dessert after a meal.

This place has good parking for customers and security is available. They put into consideration safety first for all visitors, and very careful with the Covid 19 rules and regulations. They sanitize all entrants to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Enro Hotel Mityana

The second place that is very touching is ENRO HOTEL MITYANA. This is one among the best hotels in Mityana. It’s along Kampala Mubende highway and just close the highway. It provides services that are fit to all visitors.

It has a canopy at the main entrance with security cameras. There’s good security, sanitizer, and a temperature gun is available. It has a very wide parking area for cars that can accommodate hundreds.

They have splendid hospitality for visitors and good reception. They have available WiFi (wireless) internet for visitors and it’s free and open for all customers. The hotel has a good service team that is always available for visitors.

Conference Facilities

For conferences and small number meetings, there’s enough space that can accommodate hundreds with enough social distancing in this pandemic period. The place has public systems for functions, parties, meetings, get together parties. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner with all the contents of the meal at Custer’s choice from the menu.

Bed Rooms

They have bedrooms that are self-contained and non-self-contained bedrooms with an individual controlled DSTV. They’re pine forest that provides natural Air Cooling during hot days. Dessert is always available to customers of fruits and ice-cream. Their rates are affordable. There’s a swimming pool that’s still under construction and a very wide play area for all young, youths and the elderly.

Mityana is a town that has other good lodges and hotels that we will talk about one by one in detail. We would recommend one among the above mentioned, next time it will be your turn to come and make your choice.