Intuition For Mountain Climbing

Intuition For Mountain Climbing

Intuition For Mountain Climbing

Intuition For Mountain Climbing. We always trust the intuition that’s the reason as to why we would like you to trust your intuition. Every person needs a new big boost and a strong focus to give one strength and confidence to reform. Once upon a time, there was a student troubled in studies in secondary school education. He chose a subject that most students dodged because history and results of students who took the subject before showed they failed it terribly. People laughed at him including teachers within the school. Above all, he didn’t know how to play any musical instruments and he had a bad voice at singing. His music instructor (teacher) liked him a lot because of the courage he had to choose the subject.

Intuition For Mountain Climbing

His instructor called him one time and he gave him an exercise to sing simple musical notes on a staff. The truth is this guy knew all the musical notes by names and he could sing them in their proper time signature but in a very poor tone. “Indeed my voice production was very bad”, he said.

His teacher told him that he had a healer for him. He wondered who the healer would be to his bad voice and tone. He arranged a trip to the mountain and he asked for out, just for two. Once they reached the place, he just told the student one thing, Trust you are guided, open the inner world of yourself to the mountain and wait to see the healing unfold from today and forever! This is something hard but very inspiring and real he had ever seen and experienced in his life.

Mountain Climbing in Africa

He begun to sing poco-a-poco (little by little). He was able to visualise and sing right musical notes in their tones. But before he begun to sing, a voice in his mind told him, ” here are not people, but nature. Nature loves you and trusts you. What you see are the trees and buildings near and on the other side. Nature will send you a wave of gratitude! The trembling and fear he used to fell within himself was no more. He left the mountain a winner and since then he started singing very well.

In his finals, he scored a distinction in Music and everyone at school was like, how’s this possible! But he knew the magic came from the trip to the mountain.

Mountain in Uganda

We have many mountains in Uganda with very impressive and beautiful scenery and some having mountain steps. The views itself in very attractive. When you reach there you see the blue sky close to you in the picture. You experience a pleasant change in the mood. The bright smile on one’s face lasts and never seize.

Mountain exercise like climbing and sloping is very good for body strength to all people. I’ve seen most people starting new projects, accomplishing existing projects and getting different forms of achievements because they leave mountains changed and renewed.

People doing research have successfully achieved best results, such as lab technicians, geologists, explorers, scientists, historians, musicians and others. This is because mountains have the very basic requirements for their research.

Natural Habitats Research

Mountains are also habitants for wild life. We have a number of game parks and game reserves close to mountains. This earns the government some revenue.

Some mountains that we have are sources of raw materials for industries within and outside the country. For example, gold, limestone, iron, and so many others. By nature, they help in rainfall formation and attract farming.

Tourist Attractions

They have beautiful tourist attraction features like, forests, crater lakes, ice. For example, we have Mt. Rwenzori in the Western Region of Uganda. It’s steps having best view points and forming very wonderful background. The road itself that takes you around, has beautiful and attractive curves that check driver’s defensive driving skills.

All in all, the trip, in or around the mountains within Uganda can make one write unforgettable history.