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Kikonko Lodge – The Rift Valley of East Africa

Kikonko Lodge – The Rift Valley of East Africa

On top of the escarpment of the Albertine Rift valley of East Africa overlooking Lake Albert thrones Kikonko Lodge.

Breath taking views of Lake Albert and the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo are guaranteed.

At night our guests are going to be enchanted by the million lights lit up by the local fishermen

that dance on the Lake Albert.

Top activities at Kikonko Lodge:

Bugoma Forest. The Bugoma Forest may be a thick rainforest that’s the habitat to several butterflies, birds and mammals. the most attraction are about 500 chimpanzees that roam the forest which are being habituated. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot them! The forest is merely a 40 minute chase away . The forest walk at Bugoma Forest are often organised at some point before.

Night sky over Lake Albert. Thousands of fisher boats illuminate their lamps to draw in the fish, a very unique experience, right from the restaurant or the view point at Kikonko Lodge.

Mountain Biking (click here for all the trails). Kikonko Lodge is situated during a place of untouched nature. Therefore, there are many interesting and more or less challenging bike tracks all around Kikonko Lodge at the Lake Albert Delta. The very ambitious ones can try the “Hercules Loop” of 82km but also for the fun and laid-back riders there’s a loop for his or her enjoyment. Even children can bring their bikes and ride during a safe environment.

Wambabya Waterfall. The Wambabya waterfall is merely 3km faraway from Kikonko has recently been dubbed because the “competition to Murchison” by one among our guests. Right after the season the Wambabya River carries tons of water which then finds its way down the escarpment turning it into a spectacular waterfall which will be observed right from the car.

Sunset walks. Right from Kikonko there are many paths that lead into the gorgeous nature on top of the escarpment. A guide will take you on an 1 hour evening walk to succeed in a very amazing point for the sunset where you’ll enjoy a chilly drink as you see the sun slowly disappear behind the mountains of the Congo.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve. From Kikonko it’s about 45min drive to Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, which may be considered a hidden gem of the Albertine valley . The reserve features duickers, Uganda kob, impala, hartebeest, bushbuck, buffalo and a couple of primates. If you’re lucky you’ll find chimpanzee, baboons and white and black and white colobus monkeys within the forests along Hoywa and Wamababya river. However, the most attraction of the reserve clearly is that the scenery of the lake that presents itself with many breath taking views. Find more about the fees here:

Bird Watching. Be it from the veranda of your room, from the restaurant or during one among the various walks one can take around Kikonko, birds are your steady companion. you’ll find the Black-Billed Barbet, Brown-Throated Wattle-Eye, Northern Puffback, osprey , Grey Headed Kingfisher, Threskiornis aethiopica , Hammerkop, Red-Cheeked chefs and lots of more. We challenge you to be the one to ascertain the foremost (so far the record is at around 20 different species).

Tea Estate Visit. On over 800 hectares the Kisaru Tea Estate cultivates tea with a yearly crop harvest of about 2.7 tons. Tours of the estate and therefore the factory also as tea tasting will soon be offered to visitors.

What to expect at Kikonko Lodge

At Kikonko Lodge they provide guests a cushy and relaxing atmosphere within the heart of Africa with the foremost breath taking views over the gorgeous Lake Albert.

Conferences, kikonko lodge is best for the engineers, tourist, and other guest who would want to know about the oil activity happening in the Albertine graven.

to make a day an ideal day for the guests.

Kikonko Lodge, Lake Albert, is situated in between the 2 most visited national parks of Uganda, Murchison Falls and Kibale forest National Park.

Whether you would like to refresh after an extended drive or simply escape from the warmth which will become quite intense at Kikonko sometimes, the pool will provide you with just that!

Take a dip and relax within the cool water or chill on the sunbeds while overlooking Lake Albert.

Nights of 1,000,000 lights

No matter whether you’re enjoying a drink, reading a book, playing a parlor game or having a talk – the Lake Albert view are going to be your constant companion, reminding you that you simply are in one among nature’s most beautiful spots!

The main restaurant stretches over three different levels, where you’ll relax on our comfortable sofas and luxuriate in our delicious meals. The bar area is directly adjacent to the swimming bath so you’ll sip on your drink while observing the going-ons within the water.

Kikonko COVID 19 safety measures

At Kikonko Lodge we’ve six quiet self-contained rooms. This ensures that visitors can easily keep a distance to every other during check-in, meals and at the pool.

Our common areas have few walls, which ensures that there’s excellent air circulation.

All linens sanitized in high-temperature wash

Face masks required for workers publicly areas

Hand sanitizer available to guests & staff

Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas

Staff required to regularly wash hands

Regular temperature checks for workers

• A front desk is open and staffed 24 hours each day, 7 days every week

• Check-in 24 hours

• Daily housekeeping is included within the room price

• Private bathroom for every unit

• Minimum stay 1 night.

Within Kikonko’s vicinity one can find the Kabwoya Game Reserve, which may be considered the hidden gem of Uganda with tons of antelopes and buffaloes.

Bugoma Forest Reserve – The Rift Valley of East Africa

The Bugoma Forest is merely 40 minutes’ chase away and offers amazing walks through dense vegetation with the likelihood of seeing non-habituated chimpanzees for a fraction of the worth visitors would pay in Kibale Forest which is may be a 4-hour chase away.

If you’re coming from the capital Kampala, you travel for 200km to Hoima town (that will take 3,5hours), then another 32km (half an hour) to Kikonko Lodge, where you’ll see Lake Albert. Kikonko Lodge is made 250meter above Lake Albert water level.

How to find Kikonko Lodge

From Hoima, Kikonko lodge are often reached in a simple 30-minute drive (32km) on a newly paved road (Hoima – Kaiso Road).

If you’re coming from Fort Portal, you’ll take shortcut through Bugoma Forest. Watch out, there are Chimpanzees within the Forest! Google maps won’t show you the way through Bugoma.

From Fort Portal: branch of to the left at Kabwoya, leave the Kisaru Tea Estate on the left, continue driving and take the marram road on the proper, straight to Bugoma Forest.

Continue until you’ve got reach the Lake Albert – Hoima tarmac road. Turn right, after 16km turn left in Buseruka (wooden Kikonko signpost on the left).

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