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Mount Meru National Park

Mount Meru National Park

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The park is the least visited and most unspoiled and pristine, and it is abundantly traversed by streams flowing into Tana River on its southern boundary, and luxuriantly rained upon, the rolling jungle of tall grass, riverine forest, and the swamp is lent a hypnotic, visiting the Mount Meru could be one of the best choices if you have problem with the altitude, you can climatize yourself before the start of Kilimanjaro hiking. Safari Tanzania Packages are fully packed at an affordable cost just reach us here at

Wildlife found in Meru National Park

The animals aren’t always as much in evidence here as they can be in some other national parks in Kenya, though in recent years the wildlife numbers have much improved and due to the absence of minibusses and Land Cruisers more than compensates, after visiting some of the less busy parks where animals can be spotted far away, Meru’s intimate, unusual landscape is quickly entrancing.

Tourists Attraction in Meru National Park

Vegetations, the land is always green and the landscape is relatively few and the most interesting wildlife are; Lions, cheetah, elephants, buffalos, reticulated giraffe, Gravy’s, zebra, black and white rhino. 

Meru’s many tracks are all good gravel and most junction have signposts and numbered cairns, a popular hook for a fairly long drive is the loop down to the grave of Elsa long drive is the loop down to the grave of Elsa lioness, on the banks of Tana, there is as well as people driving in through Murera Gate areas too, investigate without going far.

The Rojewero river in Meru National Park

This is the largest river of all the Parks with twelve main streams, I an interesting watercourse, densely overgrown banks flash with birds and monkeys and darks waters ripple with hippos, and in large number and very visible herds of elephants, Buffalos, and reticulated Giraffe plus Ostrich.

Though the number tends to be up and lions which prey mainly on Meru’s big herds of buffalos and cheetah are increasingly seen when they are not hidden in a long grass-and the smaller grazers must have the nerve-wracking time of it here and a large number of leopards captured in the stock-raising lands of Laikipia have been released in the park in recent years, but the wild is very wary and you have little chances of seeing them.

Rhino Sanctuary in Meru National Park

Meru’s successful rhino sanctuary has been enlarged and now protected by a fence and numerous rangers the couple of dozen white rhino is doing well though a similar number of black rhinos suffer from tsetse flies.

How to get to Meru National Park

 By plane, most visitors fly with Airkenya from Nairobi Wilson and as well as from park with Airkenya onto Samburu but not on the other way round.

By car, if you are driving from Nairobi, they use the route via Embu around the east side of Mount Kenya to Meru town via Maua to the park’s Murera Gate.

By bus and matatu, from Meru town, there are frequent buses and matatus to Maua, however few matatus to Maua approximately into the Nyambeni Hills on the tarmac road.


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