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Mountain Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon National Park

Elgon National park shares both countries within the Border between Kenya and Uganda with many hiking experiences done in Uganda

The national park borders Kenya – Uganda and Mount Elgon national park is hidden in the clouds most of the time, and the name originated from the Maasai “Ol Doinyollgoon meaning Breast Mountain, it has much- eroded crater rim the flat-topped peaks flat-topped two Mountain are comparable I n bulk another word Elgon is lower, so this makes it below the snowline and less precipitous which is encouraging, if she thought of track ling loneliest in Kenya, was putting you off.

The highest of the peaks Wagagai is said to be across the caldera in Uganda and the most evocatively shaped peaks of lower Elgon are in Kenya, which makes the park of the east side of the Mountain enclosed within the confines of Mount Elgon National Park this leads lo outside Zone is a forest reserve withs some restrictions on movement due to the presence of poacher cattle rustlers and conflict between local militia and the Kenyan armed forces.

Exploring the park

While vising Mount Elgon it is the easiest way by driving through the main Chorlim Gate, as well as visiting the nearby caves and forest.

There are several relatively easy circular drives and short hikes in this lower part of the park. There on the moorland and towards the peaks, therefore the smoothening effects of soil erosion makes hiking relatively easy and there bracing walking country.

Activities are done at Mount Elgon as well as tourist attractions

The Elkony Cave

Climbing Mount Elgon


Rock climbing/ mountain climbing


Cave and forest visiting

Vegetations and Animals to see around when visiting Mount Elgon national park

 The vegetation on Mountain Elgon national park is as similar as for Mount Kenya national park and equally impressive with bamboo and Podocarpus forest it is more accessible compared to the one of Kenya giving way to open moorland inhabited by the strange status of giant groundsel and lobelia.

Therefore the wildlife is not easily seen until you get onto the moors, but some Elephants and a few fair buffalo roam the forest this leads people to get extremely worried about both, was by the best place to see elephants used to be the Elephant platform in the North of the Chorlim Gate where herds congregated to browse ton the acacias, but many were killed by poachers in the caves since Mount Elgon national park share with Kenya it is said that Mount Kenya National Park it is said to be confident in wildlife services because they made poaching under control and estimated number of elephants to be around two hundred and the Lion to have long gone and though there still Leopard and servals you are likely to see, and there are also some animals such as blue monkey, black and white colobus crash through the forest areas troops of olive baboons these are especially found around the boundary.

When to visit Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon is best from December to march, and also June and July, and probably not worth visiting during heavy rain that’s April, May, August and September, it is a lonely Mountain and it is always advisable not to go there alone its always better to hire a guide at Chorlim Gate or a ranger guide as you can also be accompanied by locals wiling to go up for around and in Kenya there is no guiding industry here so finding a good guise its correspondingly harder

Accommodation around Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon lodge

Koitoboss Guest House


Public campsite

Way to Mount Elgon national park

They are five routes to the side of Mountain Elgon National Park

There is only the route via Chorlim Gate currently open and the other four such as Kimothon, Kiptogot, Kimilili, and Kassawai routes up to the south side have been closed for years.

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