Nakayima Tree

Nakayima Tree

Nakayima Tree

Nakayima Tree is found in Mubende District on Nakayima hill where you get best view of Mubende town. Nakayima Tree is such a beautiful tourist attraction feature which visitors shouldn’t miss on their trip to the Western Region of Uganda.

Nakayima tree is named after an Acient Hiller Nakayima. She was a very great oracle to whom the Bachwezi always went for consultation. Though history says the Bachwezi disappeared long time ago after it was believed that their Acient Hiller Nakayima had died. Many people in Uganda still believe Nakayima still exists and they always go to the hill to offer sacrifices and petitions to their needs.

Cultural site

The historical tree location was the home of Nakayima the Acient who still bothers a lot of people about her true origin and her existence. There’s a very pleasant and attractive site at the location of the tree. An ever green background that tempts a lot of travelers to take best historical snap shots for both camera and video clips.

The Nakayima tree is very unique, special, and different from all trees in universe. It has breasts on it’s face, the roots that supports it from the time of Nakayima. There are bees in the root chambers that provide security to servants who help people to communicate to the Acient oracle.

Cultural Believe

Because of the Supernatural powers that Nakayima had, a lot of people have achieved great things in their lives due the miracles done through invoking and praying through Nakayima on the tree. In the place are pots and grass around the tree for sitting of visitors who intend to present their petitions through the Hiller. The place is very cool and a stop over at this place is one of the most important ingredients to make one’s trip unforgettable.

location to Nakayima Tree

The journey from Kampala the largest and capital city to Mubende is approximately three hours’ drive. After this journey orientation, travelers can decide to proceed to Kibaale National Park for Chimpanzee or take the route to Fort Portal City.