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What is Rwanda Best Known For?

What is Rwanda Best Known For?

Tourist Attractions & Activities at Volcanoes National Park

Today we want to find out Land of a thousand hills Volcanoes national park is situated in the northern part of Rwanda; it has been a very popular destination since the reopening of the conservation area best known for mountain gorillas, it is part of the Virunga volcanoes covering 125 square kilometers which include the five extinct volcanoes of mountain Bisoke, Mountain Karisimbi, mountain Sabinyo, Mountain Gahinga, and Muhabura, there are vast attractions in the national park including the park vegetation, mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, mountains, which present an opportunity to do the various activities in the park.

The vegetation of volcanoes national park is diversely favoring the stay of several plant and animal species it is characterized by thickets, rain forests, alpine forests, marsh swampy areas, and grasslands ranging at different altitudinal levels. Vegetation zones range from the lower montane forest, bamboo forest, Hagenia forest, lobelia, and vast grasslands the bamboo forest covers about 30% of the total area of the national park.

Mountain Gorillas Families in Rwanda

The key attraction in Volcanoes national park, it is one of the few remaining places to see the critically endangered mountain gorilla, tracking at this destination is very luxurious each permit going for 1500 USD, volcanoes shelter 10 habituated gorilla families available for visitors to track, the gorilla families include kwitonda family, Bwenge family, Agashya family, Amahoro family, Karismbi family, Umbano family, Hirwa family, Sabinyo family, Susa family, and Ugenda family available to track on daily in groups of eight per gorilla family, tracking starts at 8:00 am taking 2 or more hours depending on how far the gorilla families move.

What is Rwanda Best Known For?

Golden monkeys are a critically endangered species living in the great Virunga volcanoes, they are a beautiful species characterized by their outstanding gold color, the monkeys live mostly in the Bamboo forest the forest has got two habituated troops having up to 80 members, tracking golden monkey is an experience worth trying, it’s done in small groups of eight, viewing the playful monkeys jump up and down trees, permits to rack golden monkeys are advised to be bought prior to the booking, the time spent with the monkeys can be 1 hour or more, and luckily the monkeys don’t go into higher altitudes as mountain gorillas which makes it easy to track.

Features that Form Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes national park is home to three extinct volcanoes mountain Karisimbi, mountain Bisoke, and Mountain Muhabura, hikes to the top of the mountains are organized, they involve navigating through the thick park area, and the top summit allows travelers the best views of the volcanoes national park, hiking is done beginning in the morning from the park headquarters after a morning briefing, identifying several plant and tree species, there is a chance to see forest animals like elephants, giant forest hogs, monkeys among other species.

Dian Fossey Trail

Dian Fossey hike trail, one place in volcanoes national park where the American zoologist and primatologist who died while she had dedicated her life towards the conservation of the critically endangered mountain gorilla, she was buried at the same place that she lived, visits since then have been made as a tribute to the late in the national park, they can be arranged on any visit to volcanoes national park.

Other Activity Around

Attractions of volcanoes national park present an opportunity for tourism activities including mountain hiking or climbing, mountain gorilla tracking, hiking the Dian Fossey Trail, guided nature walks, cultural visits to community tribes. There is available accommodation in the national conservation area ranging from luxury to the best budget, the park is strategically placed approximately 2 hours’ drive from Kigali, very accessible and fit for even a city tour depending on the time you have. Volcanoes national park can be visited all throughout the year but best during the dry seasons of the year.

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